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Wax Removal

If You Are Like My Family, You May Burn A Lot Of Scented Candles In Your Home Or Office.  If So, You May Know
First Hand What A Mess Can Be Made If You Ever Accidentally Spill The Melted Wax Onto Your Carpet, Making A
Hard Build Up And A Chore To Remove By Professionals.  If This Has Ever Happened, Or Does Ever Happen, Here Is
A Tip To Easily (in Most Cases) Remove The Wax.  All You Will Need Is A Clothes Iron And Brown Paper :Similar To A
Grocery Back, Or Brown Paper Lunch Sack.  Simply Use A Single Layer Of Paper To Cover The Wax, Heat Up Your Iron
And Place Over The Wax! The Iron Will Remelt The Wax And It Will Attach To The Paper! Simple As That!!! It May Take A Few Attempts To Completely Remove The Build Up And Also, Keep That Iron Moving As To Not Burn Your Carpet, But
It Does Work!!! Afterwards, Simply Use Your Favorite Spot Remover To Clean Any Residue Left Behind..... When In Doubt, Check Out This Video On Youtube

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I am really very careful of my carpets at home because they easily get dust and dirt and they are a pain to clean. Luckily for me I have not experienced getting wax on my carpet. But I now know what to do just in case, thanks to this tip you shared. My carpets get thoroughly vacuumed weekly and professionally cleaned annually. Dirty carpets harbor all kinds of germs and bacteria. I am a little obsessed about making sure my carpets are always clean to protect my family from any illness. Plus, a dirty carpet is ugly. If a neighbor or a family friend comes to visit, you don't want them judging you because of your dirty carpet.

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Wax removal is not a easy. It will affect our health too. So most of time please avoid waxing.
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The counter wax removers don't work then syringing by the doctor is necessary.
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