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Carpet Cleaning After Snowfall

Although Snow Fall Is Beautiful To Look At And Our Children Love It, t Also Destroys Our Carpeting! From Additional Moisture, To Road Salts And Ice Melt, It Is Important To Rid Your Carpets Of These Damaging Contaminants, Give American Steam, LLC A Call Today For Carpet Cleaning In Suffolk, Carpet Cleaning In Chesapeake And All Around Hampton Roads!  (757)663-8158 Or Check Us Out On Google

Wax Removal

If You Are Like My Family, You May Burn A Lot Of Scented Candles In Your Home Or Office.  If So, You May Know
First Hand What A Mess Can Be Made If You Ever Accidentally Spill The Melted Wax Onto Your Carpet, Making A
Hard Build Up And A Chore To Remove By Professionals.  If This Has Ever Happened, Or Does Ever Happen, Here Is
A Tip To Easily (in Most Cases) Remove The Wax.  All You Will Need Is A Clothes Iron And Brown Paper :Similar To A
Grocery Back, Or Brown Paper Lunch Sack.  Simply Use A Single Layer Of Paper To Cover The Wax, Heat Up Your Iron

Carpet Maintenance

Your Home Is Likely Your Largest Investment And Inside Of That Investment, Your Carpeting Is One Of The Most Abused Parts Of Your Home And Can Take A Large Sum Of Money To Replace If Not Taken Care Of Properly.
To Get The Most Out Of Your Carpet, The Manufacture Suggests Routine Vacuuming; Depending On The Amount Of Foot Traffic, This Could Range From Once A Day To Once A Week. Vacuuming Not Only Gets Out Debris, But Also Lifts The Pile And Reduces Wear! On Top Of Normal Cleaning, Most Manufactures (IF You Have Any Paperwork Now IS The Time To Dig It Out Of Your Files And Check About The Warranty) Most Manufactures Require You To Have Your Carpets Cleaned At Least Once A Year And Also Have An Appropriate Protection Applied To Maintain Your Warranty.

Leather Cleaning Now Available

Leather Upholstery Cleaning
American  Steam, Hampton Roads most recognizable name in carpet and uphosltery cleaning is now
offering leather cleaning for your fine leather furniture.  Our staff is what seperates us from our
competition and with our ever increasing education and experience we will be able to bring our
award winning customer service to many more clients, look for more services in the future such as
hard surface cleaning, HVAC services and mobile vehicle detailing......
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